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We Are All Animals – Starbucks

The campaign We Are All Animals emphasizes the continuity between humans and non-humans. Cows, humans, fish, birds - we are all animals. We all care for our young, we all form bonds with our friends, and we all feel pain from harm. We are all someone, and as such we all have the right to live free wherever and whichever way we choose. Our personal choices can never be more important than the lives of others, regardless of their species. Through the story of Joshua, a calf killed mere hours after his birth as a byproduct of the dairy industry, the campaign explores the true cost of animal "products". WHY STARBUCKS? Read our full article ...

We Are All Animals: Demystifying Starbucks’ Humane Washing

By Lili Trenkova [For Portuguese language, please visit ANDA's page for our post.] WE ARE ALL ANIMALS It is the year 2015 in the age of technological innovation, disposable comforts and ever-growing income inequality. Yet our collective progress has always come at the expense of "others" - from the very first colonized nations to the non-human animals in factory farms today. How do we rationalize this deliberate injustice? How do we justify a latte readily available to us within 2 minutes of purchasing it at the expense of the forest cut down to grow coffee beans, forest that once provided a home to thousands of animal and plant ...

Brooklyn’s Annual Nathan’s Competitive Hot Dog Eating Contest : Is It Time For This Tradition To End?

by Michele Kaplan Every year Nathan's holds a competitive hot dog eating contest. It's an annual tradition that takes place in Coney Island and never fails to attract a large crowd. However, this year, two activist groups (Collectively Free and Direct Action Everywhere - NYC, Connecticut and Philadelphia) physically disrupted the event, protesting its existence. This brings up the question: in this day and age, is it time for this tradition to evolve? Some might argue that the very nature of a competitive eating contest is incredibly insensitive. After all, in our very own city (let alone around the world), there are people who do not ...

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