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Fox 5 – Saint Patrick’s

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Fly News – Saint Patrick’s

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Black Lives Matter: Go Vegan for Africa

By Ana Hurwitz (Collectively Free) & Unique Vance (Vegan Voices of Color) Africa is now enduring its worst droughts in over half a century. Ethiopia's drought is even more severe than the 1984 famine which claimed one million lives. Extreme drought has hit South Africa, unlike the world has seen in decades. The UN has declared a humanitarian emergency in Somalia. Zimbabwe has officially rang the alarm bell of a national crisis. Countless animals have died of thirst. And, exacerbated by El Niño, millions of people in these African countries have been displaced from their homes and face hunger in the wake of the droughts. ...

Why I Disrupted St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Easter Sunday

By Jacob Martin, with editing by Rocky Schwartz About 2000 years ago, it is said that Jesus Christ of Nazareth overthrew tables in a temple in protest of hypocrisy, materialism, and greed. Throughout his career, he asked his disciples to follow his path, in pursuit of a world where "the lion lies down with the lamb", and senseless killing becomes a thing of the past. Raised a Christian, I strongly believe that this is a wise way to live. This is why on Easter Sunday six other activists and I disrupted the St. Patrick’s Cathedral noon Mass. Just as Jesus felt disruption was necessary for creating change, social movements have long ...

Bernie Sanders: Not So Progressive On Animal Rights

By Ana Hurwitz We need to have a heart to heart about Bernie Sanders. We must declare openly that the heart of progressive politics is an uncompromising defense of the defenseless. We must declare openly that one cannot be progressive without compassion for the murders of billions of defenseless beings every year. Beings who feel pain and love. Every single one of them was beautiful and important. Every single one of them wanted to be free and loved. For over a quarter century, Senator Sanders has sat comfortably atop the political caste of the United States empire, a consistent adversary of world peace. Why is this morally permis...