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The campaign Animal Are Not Ours is blunt and raw. It unveils the violence towards animals and invites the public to open their hearts to the bloody reality. Empower yourself. HOW TO ORGANIZE? Do you have the passion and desire to fight for animals and beyond? Once you join our team you will have access to various materials and one-on-one assistance on how to start organizing where you live! Drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible. CAMPAIGN Here are a few examples of materials we can use for this campaign so we can start unveiling the inherent violence of animal agriculture. For more information on why we stand ...

Assets: Literature, Logo, etc

LITERATURE ENGLISH (For other languages scroll down.) Outreach is always a very important part of our actions and we recommend that you always have literature with you at actions/events. For literature specific to a campaign, check out our Campaigns pages. 1/4 PAGE GENERAL ANTI-SPECIESIST LITERATURE LOGOS Download all here. OTHER LANGUAGES SPANISH 1/4 PAGE GENERAL ANTI-SPECIESIST LITERATURE