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How to… Effectively Use Facebook for Activism

by Lili Trenkova Facebook: don’t we all have a love-hate relationship with it? We love how it connects us with others around the world, and yet we hate how much time we often waste because of it. We love the powerful platform it provides us for our messaging and outreach, and yet we hate how easily discussions spiral into arguments and name-calling. How do we use Facebook rather than it use us? Here are some tips. LISTS. Facebook lets us organize our friends and pages we “like” into lists. This is one of Facebook’s MOST useful and yet LEAST underutilized tool. It’s useful because it lets us customize our newsfeeds according to ...

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Fighting for Animal LIberation While Operating in a Production Line: How the Privileged Trigger Trauma and Dehumanize Immigrants

By Raffi It was during the Day 3 of CF United that my silence was finally broken (even though I have the impression most people didn’t get it). Sitting through Steve Dawson’s talk on Vicarious Trauma in Animal Rights hurt. I had a repeated, visceral reaction to his storytelling on trauma. But perhaps the most painful part to hear was that he was actually offering solutions. Could it be that there was any hope for activists who are constantly reviving or experiencing trauma? Could it be that anyone actually gave a fuck? Steve’s talk felt like a live reenactment of my depression, suicidal thoughts, and coping mechanisms like cutting and ...

Reflections for White Vegans on Asian American Heritage Month

By Ana Hurwitz and Sarah K. Woodcock (TAVS - The Advocacy of Veganism Society) Warning: racism and violence Veganism is a political position advocating justice for other animals. So, on first assumption, one would presume that the Animal Rights Movement—a movement emphasizing justice—would be anti-racist. Yet this presumption is without merit with regard to the material conditions of white supremacy. Asians are seen as the perpetual other, and this 'otherness' slowly blooms into the poison flower of racism. The system of white supremacy uses racism as an ideological justification for its own maintenance and expansion. It's harmful and ...

Esther The Wonder Pig for US President 2016

Ana Hurwitz comparatively examines the political positions of Hillary Clinton with those of Esther The Wonder Pig Learn more about Esther The Wonder Pig’s vision for America and the essential policies she will champion as president. On every front, the 530-pound Esther is a more progressive heavyweight than Hillary. True, everyone is more progressive than Hillary, but let’s actually look at the issues. On climate change: Esther wants to make America the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. How? By completely ignoring the the fossil fuel industry. As she has always done. Unlike Esther, however, Hillary supports fossil ...

10 Beautiful Things We Could Do With All of Starbucks’ Money

by Ana Hurwitz Think of all the beautiful progress we could achieve with the money of the rich. CEO Howard Schultz predicts Starbucks' total worth is $100 billion. In 2014 alone, Starbucks' revenue was $16 billion. Yet what good has Starbucks ever contributed to the world? They are responsible for the deforestation in Ethiopia, where thousands of humans and nonhumans live. The tearful separation of mother cows from their babies, so their bodies can be painfully made to produce millions of gallons of milk. Despite Starbucks' untrue claims of fair trade certification, the company pays just a couple of dollars in wages to ...

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