Every intervention comes with a package of unpredictable situations which challenge us to grow and to come up with creative solutions to issues we encounter along the way.
In this case, as explained in the video, we had to execute our intervention somewhere else due to large security in the establishment. We lost some momentum but it wasn’t enough from keeping us from going. We decided to go for a #InterventionMarathon which basically means you can hit multiple locations in the same day. It comes handy to plan this in advance and have an idea of establishments around that you could go to in case your plan A fails.
Did people at the Meatball Shop respond well to us? No. It’s normal to be defensive when someone tries to show you a different perspective on things, especially concerning the systemic exploitation and murder of animals. But, there were a few people who were truly engaged and looked at our sign with the expression of “what am I doing?” and if all we reached were those few people, then it was worth it. Other than that, many people pull off their phones to record us and take pictures, which will only serve us well in terms of changing the culture of Speciesism.
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We hope to get better and better.
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