National and international chapters meet in a designated city for 4 full days of talks, discussions, workshops, bonding, creativity, and – of course – actions! CF United 2016 will take place in the founding city of New York during June 2-5 at Hunter College, TH305B (bring ID).

This event is about empowering you. Community members can submit their proposal to give a talk and or a workshop when they register. **REGISTER HERE**

To check the final schedule click here. Full schedule coming soon.

What To Expect

We are committed to creating a space that aligns with our values and mission statement. Topics include: animal rights, LGBTQ struggle, racial justice, food justice, improv., media, art and much more!

Whether you’re a long-time activist or you have a drive to bring justice (whatever your cause may be), this 4-day conference is for you!

  1. Community Building 100%
  2. Talks + Workshops 50%
  3. Actions 30%
  4. Delicious Meals 20%

Final Schedule Click Here

We commit to a low to no-cost and accessible event:
  • The 4-day conference comes at no cost for you! However, if you'd like to make a donation, please help us continue our efforts here.
  • Accessibility is always a priority to us.

Food should be a right, not a privilege
  • At least one free meal per activist/participant.
  • We strive to get free snacks as well.

We commit to providing housing:
  • Offer and prioritize free housing for organizers.
  • Offer free housing for as many community members as possible.

We commit to approaching systemic oppression through a holistic vision:
  • Tackle the relationships between oppressions rather than focusing on the oppressions themselves.
  • Because we are not free until everyone is free!

Guest Speakers

Autumn Marie from Black Lives Matter NYC

Speaker/ Talk
Free The Land: Looking At The Animal Rights Movement From A Black Liberation Lens. (Click to find out more)

Donny Moss from Theirturn.net

Speaker/ Talk
Creating Impactful Videos to Help Animals. (Click to find out more)

Ida Hammer from Trans Women’s Healing Justice Project

Veganism through a Trans Feminist Lens. (Click to find out more)

Michelle Carrera from Chilis on Wheels

Speaker/ Talk
Veganism and Food Justice. Fighting two wars at one front. (Click to find out more)

Shon Arieh-Lerer from His Majesty, The Baby

Shon Arieh-Lerer from His Majesty, The Baby. (Click to find out more)

Steven Dawson Professor of Social Work NYU

When Helping Hurts: Vicarious Trauma in Animal Rights Activists. The role of self-care in the A.R movement. (Click to find out more)

Community Speakers

Tori Lion from CF Toronto

Community Speaker
Reclaiming and Dismantling “Art” for Human and Nonhuman Justice (Click to find out more)