Collective Activists

It's through collective efforts that we make significant change. Thank you to each and every single of you for shaping a strong community and movement!

David Giardina - New York, USA

I started in activism when I was 12 - doing guerrilla theater and disruptions at public events and parades etc. Over the years I've sought out groups and organizations that deal DIRECTLY with social and environmental causes - I'm so happy to have found CF as that's what they're all about. Fun fact: I'm a crooner, film maker and model which I also use as tools of social change.

Anita Kranjc - Toronto, Canada

You can bear witness at a cow slaughterhouse like we do each week with Toronto Cow Save or at a Starbucks – an action we were so excited to join with CF and DxE Toronto – and say No, this is violence, this is wrong. We want to create a world with animal equality and change starts here! Fun fact: My fav author is Tolstoy.

Michele Kaplan - New York, USA

I've been involved in activism since I was 15, and before I got involved with Collectively Free, I was (and am still involved) with Occupy Wall Street. No Ableism Allowed. I'm also a geek-proud, intersectional activist on wheels.

Lauri A. MacLean - Connecticut, USA

My activism is an extension of my best self. The most compassionate, brave and just parts of me are compelled to stand among a community of like minded individuals as we make every effort to make a difference - I consider it a privilege. When not disrupting I share my loft with two beautiful cats and two small dogs. I also love punk rock, tattoos, converse (who doesn’t) and the beach. Oh yeah and I’m a Scorpio.

Michael Harren - New York, USA

After being vegan for a few years, i started to realize that Facebook activism was only serving to deepen my hopelessness about the world ever changing for animals. With CF, I am able to take my energy to the street and really educate others about veganism with some like-minded people who have now become good friends. Fun fact: I am a musical performance artist working on my second full length solo show in cooperation with Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Raffi Marhaba - New York, USA

A liberação dos animais não-humanos e dos animais humanos tem de ser radical e com foco na decolonização. Fato: adoro música eletrônica.

Michael Dolling - New York, USA

In the beginning looking for activism opportunities was a struggle. I wasn't a strong enough activist and I wasn't confident. When I found CF I found an activism community and friends for life. They are inclusive of all and they support other groups as well. And because of all this CF is one of the first groups I direct people towards who want to get into activism. Fun fact: I have a veggie garden on my roof.

Caetano Laprebendere - New York, USA

Después de darme cuenta de que ser vegano era solo lo mínimo que se puede hacer por los animales, me mudé a NYC porque es ilegal protestar como extranjero en México. Agradezco haber descubierto Collectively Free ya que sus acciones creativas y pacificas son exactamente lo que vine a hacer. Dato curioso: me volví vegano viviendo en una granja de lácteos holandesa que era orgánica, free-range, 'humane'. Ahí entendí que no hay buena forma de hacer algo malo.

Gene Maurillo - San Francisco, USA

I became a Vegan at 63 and an activist shortly after. I have never before experienced the depth and all-encompassing passion that I now share with others in this movement. I also use over 40 years of self-realization studies in my approach with pre-vegans and pre-activists to shine the light of peace and love for all. I am so happy to be part of this community. Fun fact: I love taking comedy improv classes, going to shows and making people laugh.

Michal Klein - New Jersey, USA

I never thought I would have the courage to do activism, as I am an introvert with a history of shyness and social anxiety, but less than a year into being vegan, after being inspired by CF action videos, I decided being vegan wasn't enough. After my first protest, I felt empowered and a surge of confidence being part of such an amazing group of people making a difference. Fun Fact: I make yummy vegan pizza, as well as my own almond milk and hummus.

Kate Skwire - New York, USA

An animal rights activist, humane educator, ethical vegan, blues singer and mom to two cats. Fun fact: I'm a hippie at heart and dreams of living in a tiny house in the woods and growing all her own food and sharing her life with a bunch of rescue animals.

Adyx Olea Olea - Mexico City, Mexico

Collectively Free me ha inspirado a gritar y alzar la voz lo más alto posible por tantos inocentes que mueren día a día como objetos olvidando su sufrimiento y dolor, me inspira luchar y pelear por un mundo mejor para ellos. Dato curioso: tengo miedo de las serpientes.

William Nievaart - New York/ North Carolina, USA

I have always believed in doing things for the greater good overall like charities, soup kitchens, clothing drives, and civil rights activism. I got a chance to talk to some of the members of CF and this was it. Animal rights activism has become a big part in my life through demonstrations, leafletting, and volunteering at Animal Sanctuaries. Fun Fact: I have been straight edge for 4 years now.

Lauren Keough - New York, USA

In the beginning I felt really nervous participating in and doing speak-outs at these actions, but I knew they were too important to not be a part of. Being part of this community has enabled me to become more confident doing speak-outs, as well as outreach. I have grown as an activist so much! Fun Fact: I enjoy singing and dancing!

Eddie Sullivan - New York, USA

I love CF because of the creative and effective ways we are liberating people's hearts and minds. I also love that they actively include activists from all walks of life and that we are concerned with liberating humans and non-humans alike. CF is also a lot of fun, and it feels like a family. Fun fact: I make futuristic electronic music in my spare time.

Paola Gaviño - New Jersey, USA

Por mucho tiempo he estado interesada en los derechos animales y he participado con varios grupos y de distintas formas. Esta comunidad me ofrecio una forma nueva de activismo y me ayudo a encontrar mi voz por los animales (yo no sabia que la tenia). Desde que participo con CF siento que soy una activista con mayor confianza en mi misma. Dato curioso: Todas las noches comparto mi cama con 3 perros rescatados.

Kitty Jones - San Francisco, USA

I feel so empowered and inspired by this movement and by the community of passionate activists that are by my side in this struggle. I never dreamed I would be speaking out for veal calves inside of a Starbucks while spilling "blood" on the floor, but we did together! Fun fact: I stopped eating animals in high school.

Carla Tejada - New York, USA

As soon as I became vegan, I realized that it wasn't enough. I felt a very strong obligation to do all in my power to bring an end to the injustices being committed against our fellow earthlings. I was thrilled to find that there was a strong community of activists in our city that I could unite with! Fun fact: I can't imagine life without chocolate.

Louise Jorgensen - Toronto, Canada

I've been vegan for almost 9 years and became active 5 years ago after seeing animals at a slaughterhouse near my home. While I was in NYC, I joined CF in the Pride march. I found the community to be incredibly welcoming, passionate and will inspire you to create a better world for human and non-human animals. Fun Fact: I started an animal rights group in high school.