CF has consistently showed up and supported the LGBTQI+ community and will always continue to do so. During Pride, we marched for two marginalized and oppressed groups: the LGBTQ+ community and nonhuman animals. We live in a system that treats certain groups and individuals as “lesser than”. It teaches us to treat nonhuman animals as lesser than us, to treat their bodies like commodities and products and to refuse to see them as individuals with their own needs and desires. It also allows for us to see one another as lesser too, for reasons such as who we love or what gender we are or aren’t. This system wants anyone who struggles, who is “lesser” to be invisible.


CF’s stance is that neither group is invisible. LGBTQ+ people deserve equal consideration legally and socially because it’s not their gender identity or sexual orientation that makes them matter – it’s the fact that they exist. Nonhuman animals too deserve equal consideration because it’s not their species that defines them or makes them worthy. Gay, straight, non-binary, trans or cis – we are all allies with animals. Their liberation is our liberation.

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Do you have the passion and desire to fight for animals and beyond? Once you join our team you will have access to various materials and one-on-one assistance on how to start organizing where you live! Drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here are a few examples of materials we can use for this campaign, so we can start connecting the dots. For more information on why we stand against every single type of exploitation against non-human animals, please check our VEGANISM page.

Interested in leading an intervention? Download these materials in high-resolution clicking on the images below. We offer them in different sizes and languages. Questions? Contact us!

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