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Strawberries on the Table

Asparagus season is basically over. Garlic scapes are pretty much done too, as are ramps and fiddleheads. But rhubarb is still going strong in the New York area, at least for a few more weeks, and I am determined to take advantage of it’s tangy deliciousness as much as I can while it’s still available in it’s freshest form. The good people over at Good Eggs (my favorite deliverers of locally produced and farm fresh food) just recently shared a killer recipe for their own Rhubarb Toasts and I figured it was my duty to pass it along to you guys while you still have the chance to pick up some big red stems of rhubarb and make some for yourselves. I made it the other night for a little appetizer and it was delicious… the kind of thing one imagines people who live with Alice Waters or Gabrielle Hamilton probably eat all the time. ...

Takkt Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2014

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