We All Feel Love

The campaign We All Feel Love appeals to our innate ability to love others. We have been socially conditioned to believe that some (whether human or non-human) deserve more love than others. But love is subjective and we must not confuse personal feelings with cultural discrimination. Every being deserves to be free to live and love the way they want. By exploiting non-human animals, we deny them these most basic rights, and deep inside, we all know that this is wrong. None of us were born racist, sexist or speciesist – discrimination is a learned behavior. It is time for us all to unlearn, and to dismantle the system that overshadows our values.
Empower yourself.

Do you have the passion and desire to fight for animals and beyond? Once you join our team you will have access to various materials and one-on-one assistance on how to start organizing where you live! Drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here are a few examples of materials we can use for this campaign, so we can start connecting the dots. For more information on why we stand against every single type of exploitation against non-human animals, please check our VEGANISM page.

Interested in leading an intervention? Download these materials in high-resolution clicking on the images below. We offer them in different sizes and languages. Questions? Contact us!

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