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Lack of Intersectionality: a moral inconsistency of the animal rights movement

By Raffaella Marhaba and Lili Trenkova Trigger warning: language talks about sexual assault. Published by The Vegan Feminist Network. Animal rights activists are often accused of not caring about humans. We can argue that usually these accusations come from people who have just had their speciesism challenged and who feel attacked, so they’re reactionary statements. We can obviously also argue that we do indeed care about other humans. Yet this happens so often that even people who’ve never faced their speciesism have come to believe that animal rights activists simply do not see humans as important as non-humans. How can we ...

NY Post – Starbucks’ Protest – New York

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CityTV’s breakfast televison – Starbucks Protest – Vancouver, Canada

DC Indy MEDIA – Starbucks Protest – Baltimore

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Fox 40 – Starbucks Protest – Sacramento

FOX 5 – Starbucks Protest – Las Vegas

KRON 4 – Animal Rights Activists to Protest Inside Berkeley Starbucks

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Divided We Fail… the Animals

By Lili Trenkova Recently, a former founding member of Collectively Free (CF) appeared on Go Vegan Radio to express her newly-realized disagreement with CF and Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) tactics and messaging. She claimed to be providing constructive criticism while using a platform known for a one-sided angle, namely that of Gary Francione. Two weeks prior, the founder of a vegan education group used the same platform to also condemn any type of animal rights (AR) activism that differs from his group’s. Here are excerpts from the earlier of the two radio speeches: Dear non-vegans of the world, animal rights activists are lying to you. ...