The People’s Climate March – New York, 2014

Leading up to the People’s Climate March Collectively Free wants to empower YOU to make a difference! 

The People’s Climate March will take place on Sunday, September 21st, 2014 in New York. This is a great opportunity to come together and bring awareness to people in the march, passersby and media on the real cause of climate change: animal agriculture.

The vast majority of the organizers and supporters in this march  (, Greenpeace, WWF and so on) fail miserably to expose the industry. So we have broken down for you some of the data on the matter in our For The Planet section. Please read it through!

Also, in order to help YOU bring this issue to light in your communities, we have put together several posters and literature that you can cut, glue and do it yourself!

Interested in marching with us? Follow us on Facebook to find out where and when you can find us at the march!



1 Poster = 2 sheets of 11X17 mounted together. It’s preferable to make it double-side so more people can see it.
Please, MATCH the pairs exactly as they appear here.

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