The Police Are Not Our Friends

The “pig roast” was seen by many social justice groups as an offensive mockery of the violent corruption of law enforcement agencies across the country, and, in itself, an act of violence. Pigs are not the perpetrators of violence, they are the victims.

CF is promoting the idea that the same system treating nonhuman animals as expendable is the SAME system saying “Make America Great Again,” pushing for the deportation of immigrants, shooting people of color, controlling women’s bodies, killing LGBTQ people, and treating disabled folks as lesser than. Police violence operates in a system that wants us to treat these issues separately. They want us to fight only against racism. Only against transphobia. Only against xenophobia or only against speciesism (systemic violence to animals). Because they know if we unite, we will be unstoppable. Well, here we are and this is just the beginning.

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Here are a few examples of materials we can use for this campaign, so we can start connecting the dots. For more information on why we stand against every single type of exploitation against non-human animals, please check our VEGANISM page.

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