#SwapSpeciesism – What If The Tables Were Turned?

The Campaign #SwapSpeciesism puts speciesism in perspective through a method of role reversal, asking the public questions such as “What If The Tables Were Turned?”, “What If Your Father Was Being Roasted?”, and “What If Your Dog Was The Main Dish?”

Speciesism – like racism, sexism, ableism, etc. – is a form of discrimination, based on the presumption that the human species dominates over another species. As all types of discrimination, speciesism too is unethical and unjust. Like other forms of discrimination, it is difficult to overcome because we have conditioned ourselves socially to not even acknowledge it. The good news is that discrimination is not inherent (nothing in our DNA tells us that one species, or one race, or one gender is superior to the rest) and therefore can be unlearned.
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Here are a few examples of materials we can use for this campaign, so we can start connecting the dots. For more information on why we stand against every single type of exploitation against non-human animals, please check our VEGANISM page.

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Meatopia-Signs  Meatopia-Signs-2 Meatopia-Signs_Father
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